• Astrid Verhoef

Astrid Verhoef (Amsterdam, 1973) studied photography at the Utrecht School of the Arts and has been working as a photographer and artist since 1998. Her staged photography has received international acclaim and has been shown at exhibitions in Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, New York, Sydney and Tokyo. She is well known for her ‘Inscapes’ series, and Koster Fine Art Gallery will show the most recent 'Human//Nature’ series in a solo exhibition at Atelier K84 in Amsterdam, 5 April - 11 May 2024.

With her photography Astrid investigates her connection to the natural world. The complicated relationship between human and nature is a common thread throughout her work. When she places herself in desolate landscapes, a character arises that wants to connect with her surroundings, but can feel out of place. She can find peace & solace but also struggles with her roots in contemporary modern life and humankind's place in the natural world. Astrid’s images can be seen as emotional translations where a desire for synergy is challenged by an urge to control

For ‘Inscapes’ and her new series 'Human//Nature' Astrid travelled to secluded landscapes around the world to investigate her place in the natural world. See this video for an impression of her work and a look behind the scenes: