• Daniel Laan

Daniel Laan

Daniel Laan is a professional landscape photographer and writer based in the Netherlands. He loves to convey dark, moody and ethereal aspects often found in melancholic music through photography and post-processing. Nature and the seasons are the main source of inspiration. To realize a certain intensity and experience, the art photographer examines cold, darkness, fog and the threat of dark storm clouds. In addition, current climate change creates a tension. Landscape photography has always been a tool for self-discovery for him.

As soon as he followed his heart, his photos, articles, tutorials and reviews were published in many magazines around the world and on even more websites. Fstoppers, PetaPixel and Landscape Photography Magazine to name a few. His co-authored book “Woodscapes” got published in Dutch in 2020 and he has two more books on the way already, both of which aimed at an international audience.

Daniel Laan: "Most of my life, I felt I am different. I don't care for politics or fast cars, I do care about the environment. I look forward to human settlement on Mars and hope that artificial intelligence cares enough about its creator. But small things matter to me as well. As I'm writing this, there's a happy cat purring on my lap and I smile looking at the trees outside that survived another grueling, 9-month autumn. It's both the support and the delicious vegan food of my loving wife that I appreciate, but it's the way she can peer out of her eyes into nothing that really sparks my fascination for her".